Sickle Cell Case Study

The Problem

A sickle cell disease (SCD) research lab at a top 10 pharmaceutical company required blood samples for their biomarker discovery project. Half of the subjects needed to be treated with hydroxyurea and none of the subjects could use PED5 inhibitors or have had a serious infection within a month prior to enrollment. Since SCD has a low prevalence affecting only 1 in 50,000 Americans, obtaining a large sample size would be difficult.

Due to the low prevalence, the challenging inclusion/exclusion criteria, and the short project timeline, the company contracted both Sanguine and another procurement organization to work cooperatively to enroll 40 subjects in the 3-timepoint, 28-day longitudinal collection.

The Solution

Sanguine quickly partnered with a SCD association to access their patient advocacy base. Working closely with this organization, Sanguine recruited all 40 subjects and completed all of the initial (day-0) blood draws before the competitor had even completed their IRB filings. Within 6 weeks, Sanguine had identified over 100 qualified subjects. Ultimately, in 10 short weeks Sanguine completed the 40-subject, 3-sample, 28-day longitudinal collection.

Sanguine was also able to efficiently and effectively coordinate sample collection at the subjects' convenience, delivery to the client's research lab within 24 hours, and concurrent same-day sample processing for serum and plasma at Sanguine's lab. The serum and plasma samples were processed, frozen, and delivered to the client upon study completion. Having performed this study on time and without errors, Sanguine quickly became the clients preferred supplier for SCD biospecimen and has subsequently completed 2 additional studies.

4 weeks

Recruited and performed at least first collection from 40 subjects

6 weeks

Identified over 100 qualified subjects

10 weeks

3-sample, 28-day longitudinal sample collection completed!


Identified over 100 qualified subjects

Delivered samples to the client within 24 hours of collection

Client subsequently initiated 2 additional studies

Same-day processing at Sanguine's Los Angeles lab

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