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We operate across all stages of research and development, offering solutions tailored specifically to the needs of each project.

3 Core Services

We offer end-to-end solutions for a multitude of research applications, including sample procurement, natural history studies, observational studies, clinical trials and more. Three fundamental competencies are configured and customized to achieve your project-specific objectives: patient recruitment, @home visits and central lab services.

Patient Recruitment & Enrollment

Our patient recruitment team utilizes a direct-to-patient approach to identify, consent and enroll participants in studies across a variety of therapeutic areas nationwide. We leverage patient advocacy group partnerships, social media, traditional advertisements and online media to reach participants with even the most narrowly-defined populations.

@Home Visits

Our mobile health staff is deployed directly to participants' homes to collect quality clinical data. By reducing participant travel burden, we increase patient retention and compliance and frequency of data collection, reducing overall study costs and end-to-end timelines.

Central Laboratory

We offer quality biospecimen processing services via our network of accredited laboratories which includes Mayo Clinic and UCLA. In addition to our existing SOPs, we can also implement custom procedures on a project-by-project basis.


Our flexible technology platform and operations infrastructure can be utilized in a wide spectrum of projects for multiple applications. Here are just a few examples of how sponsors are leveraging our unique capabilities to design studies and gather data that wouldn't be possible working through traditional clinical sites.

Patient Marketing

We identify and retain participants across all therapeutic areas through our direct-to-patient approach.

Mobile Specimen Collection

Our global mobile health staff conducts patient visits in the privacy and comfort of their homes, eliminating participant burden.

Specimen Processing / Testing

We provide central lab services through our partners who deliver the highest quality processing services available.

Longitudinal Biomarker Banking

We can retain participants for extended time periods, conducting multiple @home visits to generate reliable longitudinal data for participant cohorts.

Event-Based Staff Deployment

We utilize electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) systems to monitor patients' health during the course of a study. A patient-reported event can trigger dispatch of our mobile health staff to a patient's home to collect samples and provide health assessments during disease-based events.

Observational Studies

We provide custom end-to-end services for observational studies by combining medical record retrieval and consistent longitudinal sampling capabilities.

Registry Building

We tap into our patient recruitment expertise to build custom registries of patients based on any criteria, including presence of specific biomarkers.

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