Case Study: Multiple Sclerosis

The Problem

A major biotechnology company required same-day delivery of blood specimens for a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) study. The prevalence of MS is not consistently reported but current estimates are 400,000 patients in the US and 2.3 million globally.

The complicated nature of MS has limited promising treatments, a frustration for any patient or research community. The rarity of MS in addition to requiring local patients for same day delivery of samples to the company's laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts (a relatively small city) for their 20-subject study appeared to be a formidable task.

The Solution

Sanguine developed a recruiting campaign to identify and enroll people with MS in the study using social media. The Boston MS community rallied in support for this research study, and despite the rarity of MS as well as further limiting the population to one metropolitan area, recruitment for the 20-subject study took just 1 week! Sanguine, a Los Angeles-based company, utilized its nationwide mobile phlebotomy network to perform collections in Boston, MA and ensure same-day delivery of biospecimen to the biotech's lab for processing and testing.

Additionally, Sanguine coordinated scheduling of in-home collections with the donors and deliveries to the biotech lab based on the biotech's schedule. Much to the client's satisfaction, recruiting, screening and collecting Sanguine's first, locally-sourced MS population in Boston, MA was completed in only 4 weeks.

1 week

Effectively used social media to identify 80+ willing participants

4 weeks

20 participants successfully recruited and enrolled

6 weeks

All collections completed!

  • First MS study in Boston, Massachusetts

  • Sanguine's nationwide mobile phlebotomy network in Boston used for all collections

  • Same day delivery of collected samples coordinated with biotech lab

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